Customizing My Applications on the Hub

Northeastern University’s Student Hub and Employee Hub are invaluable resources that provide a range of features to help students, faculty, and staff make the most of their time at the university. One of the Hubs’ most useful features is the My Applications section of the landing pages, which provides quick and easy access to commonly used web applications. 

Web applications are pieces of software that run in a web browser, as opposed to mobile apps that are downloaded to phones and tablets or the software that you install on your laptop. Examples of web apps available through the My Applications section on the Hub include Outlook, Canvas, and Workday. 

Although the available applications differ between the Student Hub and the Employee Hub due to the varying roles and needs of students, faculty, and staff, the way the My Applications section functions is the same on both Hubs. Students and employees can customize the section by featuring up to eight apps on the Hub landing page, removing default apps, and replacing apps with other available apps.  

Some apps even feature deep links to specific actions that can be accessed by selecting the red dropdown icon, such as starting a new message or creating a new calendar event in Outlook. 

For more detailed steps on how to customize My Applications on the Hub, visit the Tech Knowledge Base.  

Have a frequently-used app that isn’t yet available? Help make the Hub more helpful and tailored to your needs by submitting a suggestion. Your input will be considered for future updates to the Hubs.

The My Applications feature of the Hubs provides convenient access to a variety of web applications that are essential to the daily work and learning activities at Northeastern. Fueled by feedback, the Hubs continue to provide features that make students’ and employees’ day-to-day lives easier, while continuously evolving to meet the needs of the university community. 

Visit to log in and start using the Hub today.  

Improvements to the Student Hub and the Employee Hub are ongoing to ensure that students and employees have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students and employees are encouraged to use the feedback form on each Hub to share ideas and thoughts to help the platforms reach their full potential.