Introducing the Employee Hub

The Employee Hub is a new, dynamic, and personalized digital homebase for all Northeastern employees across Northeastern’s global university system.  

IT Services and Human Resources partnered to design a user-friendly digital experience tailored for Northeastern employees. As part of this collaborative effort, a working group of employees representing various roles and departments across the university, contributed feedback, ideas, and suggestions as part of the design process. As a result, the Hub now provides quicker, easier access to productivity tools and other resources that Northeastern employees can use to help manage their days and their work more efficiently.  

More than 3,000 faculty and staff have already accessed and used the Employee Hub. Employees who haven’t already can get started by visiting and logging in with their employee account username and password. 

Improvements to the Student Hub and the Employee Hub are ongoing to ensure that students and employees have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students and employees are encouraged to use the feedback form on each Hub to share ideas and thoughts to help the platforms reach their full potential.

Just a few of the things that employees can do in the Employee Hub include:  

  • Viewing and managing their days using their Outlook calendar, Microsoft Planner tasks, and To-do lists.  
  • Accessing files and messages with Microsoft productivity tools such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Outlook. 
  • Visiting most commonly used applications such as Workday, Canvas, or Adobe Creative Cloud. 
  • Growing and learning with LinkedIn Learning, which provides access to popular courses across the Northeastern community and thousands of other free video courses. 
  • Keeping track of open support and service tickets.  
  • Discovering and staying connected to colleagues, communities, and news across the university.  
  • Finding and bookmarking most often used myNortheastern services and links in the Resources section of the Hub.   

What’s Next? 

Employees can start using the Employee Hub today for many of the things they currently use the myNortheastern portal for and more. As of June 1, 2023, all the services and links on the myNortheastern employee portal will be retired and found exclusively on the Employee Hub. Until then, both websites will be available. This site,, will continue to provide reminders and information to help employees prepare for this change. \

The Employee Hub will continue to evolve to meet the needs of Northeastern’s global and mobile workforce. The feedback provided will fuel future enhancements and features. Have a suggestion or idea that could make the Employee Hub even better? Visit the Hub and scroll to the bottom of the page to share your feedback.  

To learn more about the Hub, visit for more information and FAQs. For other questions or issues using the Hub, the IT Service Desk is ready to help 24/7.