Simplified Payment Options Coming to Student Hub

Following a June 13 update, a new payment modal will be added to the billing tab on the Student Hub homepage. The modal will display all payment options available to a student, bringing the billing tab in line with what options a student sees on the Resources page. US campus students will also see an option to view their bill.

Screengrab of the homepage of the Student Hub, highlighting the Payment Options button.

Although the billing tab is being updated, the way in which students pay through the portals will remain the same. This improved process allows the pathway to the payment portals to be more seamless and direct, making it easier for students to view their payment options.

Screen grab of Payment Options module.

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Improvements to the Student Hub and the Employee Hub are ongoing to ensure that students and employees have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students and employees are encouraged to use the feedback form on each Hub to share ideas and thoughts to help the platforms reach their full potential.