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A highly personalized and experience-driven platform for Northeastern students with a collection of academic and social tools, applications, and information that they use most often.

To ensure the best experience on the Hub, please use the recommended browsers, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Today, Safari is not currently a fully supported browser for the Student Hub.

What is the new Student Hub?

The Student Hub is a desktop and mobile-friendly launchpad to help students navigate and keep track of their busy and active daily lives as a university student. The Hub intelligently integrates insights, notifications, and content across the entire student journey, to deliver a personalized experience and drive collaboration and engagement. It connects to each student based on location, communities, and interests.

Please note that initially, the Hub will not replace the myNortheastern Portal. The Hub will serve as students’ home base for key class information, applications, resources, and community engagement. Students will access the dynamic scheduling tool in the Hub to indicate preference for in-person or remote attendance of Hybrid NUflex classes, but myNortheastern will still be available for use should students require specific resources not available on the Hub.

The Hub was designed with the student experience at its core— but the work doesn’t stop here! The Hub you see released initially may evolve as feedback is gathered and the needs of students continue to change. Of course, no one speaks to the Northeastern student experience better than Northeastern students themselves! Future opportunities to help shape the Hub and participate in focus groups will be available.


Where and when will the Student Hub be available?

Students can find the Student Hub on the web at, or directly from the Microsoft Teams app on their desktop or mobile device. Visit the tech knowledge base for more information on how to access the Hub through the Teams integration.

For the best experience on the Hub in a web browser, please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Today, the Safari browser is not fully supported.

Why was the Student Hub developed?

The Hub was developed to enhance the student experience— facilitating a smooth transition to the Hybrid NUflex learning model, and bringing students closer to the university, student life, and to each other virtually, even if they can’t be together in-person.

How was the Student Hub developed?

With the student in mind. Students have played a role in the development of the Hub from the initial brainstorming through testing the final product. Student feedback is vital and will continue to be incorporated in future iterations of the Hub.

Watch the Dynamic Scheduler Demo

Key Features of the Student Hub

The Hub includes many features that will make day to day life easier for students. The new dynamic class scheduling tool will allow students to indicate their preference to attend class in person or remotely on a week-to-week basis. The tool will assign students to available seats in classes and provide faculty with a roster of who is scheduled to attend in person that week. Access to the COVID-19  Test Scheduler is also available in the Hub, ensuring that students are being tested in the safest way possible. Testing protocols are determined based on various factors. Please see for more information.

What are students saying about the Hub?

“I really appreciate that the team actually takes our feedback and suggestions and applies them to the design/flow of the Student Hub”

– Hub Collaborator

“When giving feedback I try to think of not only what I think but also what my peers may think…”

– Hub Collaborator

“I feel like, as a student, it is important to give an opinion about a platform that will be used by all of us.”

– Hub Collaborator