The Hubs

A highly personalized, experience-driven platform that serves as a daily home base for Northeastern students and employees.

Meet the New Employee Hub

Discover the new, dynamic, and personalized digital homebase for all Northeastern employees across Northeastern’s global university system.  The Hub provides quicker, easier access to productivity tools and other resources to help manage the workflow more efficiently.  

Designed for the Student Experience, by the Students

The Student Hub was designed with the global and mobile student experience at its core – and the digital experience continues to transform with a focus on students’ changing needs. No one speaks to the Northeastern student experience better than Northeastern students themselves. That’s why the Student Hub has always included student input throughout the planning, designing, and development processes; and will continue to do so as it evolves.  

Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, Northeastern students and community members have identified features that provide the biggest impact on students’ university lives. This feedback, in combination with the digital experience student program, has directly shaped key features such as the Discover page, Notifications, News and Events, and more. 

Have feedback about the Hub? Students can use the feedback form on the Hub to share ideas and actively participate in continuously improving the student experience.  


Students (and counting!)
have helped shape the Hub


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Key Features of the Student Hub

The Hub includes many features that make students’ day-to-day lives easier. It also intelligently integrates personalized insights that drive collaboration and engagement.

Features are continuously added or enhanced based on student feedback. See the latest Hub updates fueled by this feedback.

Robust Academic Journeys

  • View class schedules, email, and Canvas due dates
  • Access recent documents and applications
  • Create and manage planner tasks and to-do lists
  • Discover people with similar academic journeys
  • Find resources and links for academics, classes, and registration

Enhanced Student Life

  • Create a personal profile that tells a story
  • Connect with peers who share similar interests
  • Find student clubs, organizations, and events
  • Read current news and announcements
  • Discover and build communities on the social platform, Yammer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Hub?  

The Student Hub is a desktop and mobile-friendly launchpad to help students easily navigate and keep track of their busy academic and active daily lives as university students in the Northeastern community. The Hub connects to each student based on location, communities, and interests and allows students to connect to peers with similar interests.

Where is the Student Hub?

Students can find the Student Hub on the web at Visit the tech Knowledge Base for more information on how to use the features available on the Hub.

Why should students use the Hub?

The Hub is a convenient one-stop-shop to check class schedules, network with fellow students, maintain a planner and to-do list, connect with clubs and organizations, view financial information, pay bills, and access other Northeastern resources.

What’s the difference between the Student Hub and the myNortheastern Portal?

The Hub is a dynamic home base that helps students navigate and keep track of busy and active daily lives. In the past, the myNortheastern portal has been central to how students have navigated university resources. The Hub has built on that student experience, not only providing resources from the myNortheastern portal, but also integrating insights, notifications, and content across a student’s journey to drive engagement and collaboration. 

How has the digital experience student team contributed to the Hub?  

The digital experience student program has provided students with the opportunity to work directly with IT Services on the development of the Student Hub. The digital experience student team continues to provide perspective about the student community and their needs as well as help direct, guide, and test the development of features within Student Hub. Their knowledge of UX research, user-interface design, digital accessibility, front-end development, and data analytics is helping to develop a richer virtual student experience. 

Can students personalize their Student Hub information?

Update student profile information on the Me page and choose what information is visible to other students. Search, connect, and follow others with similar interests and experiences using the Discover page. The Discover page will also recommend clubs and organizations, based on who the student is following and which groups they’re already a member of or following. On the News and Announcements page, select topics to customize the news feed.

What information can be found on the Resources page?

The Resources page features a wide range of valuable campus resources, links, and information vital to students’ Northeastern University experience including careers, class registration, employment, academics, financial services, graduation, health, counseling, housing, dining, IT support, library, research, and more. Under Resources, students can search for links, favorite links to save for later, and even add their own custom links. To keep up to date on what resources are available through the Student Hub visit the Knowledge Base

Is there a Hub for employees?

The Employee Hub is live! Access the Hub using and learn more about what it offers by viewing the FAQ.

For more FAQs and Student Hub help visit the Knowledge Base.

What are students saying
about the Hub?

A One Stop Destination

“For me, the Student Hub is a one-stop destination to keep track of my class schedules, manage reminders, and keep my day in check. Students just starting with the University should definitely use this tool.”

Fast Access to Links

“I like how I can access all the quick links from here like making testing appointments, accessing recent events, and chats from Yammer. I get it all in one place and that too with a great UI.”

The Best Student Experience

“The Hub includes all elements that a student probably needs to have a convenient life on campus. The Hub has been adjusted and improved many times to provide Huskies a better experience.”