Notifications, Blogs, and Enhanced News and Events Come to the Hub

A more personalized and user-friendly News and Announcements page, a new notifications feature, and a way for students to share their voices more broadly through blog content are just a few of the newest and recently enhanced features released to the Student Hub on November 4.

Feedback from over 300 students helped fuel the inspiration for this November 4 release, and other updates to the Hub. 

Students can log into the Student Hub at to start using all of the features included in this update.

Never Miss a Deadline

The Notifications feature helps remind students of important deadlines and provides other notifications that help students navigate their academic lives at Northeastern.

Use Notifications to quickly view the number of pending notifications and action items, as well as a history of notifications from the past 60 days. The feature provides access to information on key action items and additional notifications. Blocks and holds, which previously lived further down the home page under To-Do, have been moved under Notifications. 

Screenshot of the Student Hub home with the Notifications feature in upper right-hand nav bar.
The Hub homepage with the new Notifications feature.

Look for the bell icon on the right-side of the Hub navigation bar. 

Let Your Voice be Heard

Combined with Sites at Northeastern, students can use the new My Posts functionality to create and share content about themselves, their passions, academic interests, and Northeastern journey with other students on the Hub. 

Under My Posts on the Hub’s Me page, click Create a Site to create a free personal website using Sites at Northeastern. Sites can showcase research or academic work, express creativity, or get ready for the job market—really, anything you can think up!

Once students have published a site and content, use the Hub to find an audience. Return to My Posts on the Hub and click Add a Post. Share a URL from a site and choose to make it visible to all students or only to Student Hub followers. 

Screenshot of part of the Student Hub home page with Communities at Northeastern section and Voices at Northeastern section side by side.
The new Voices at Northeastern feed of student blog posts on the Hub homepage.

View other students’ posts on their individual profiles, or on the Voices at Northeastern section of the Hub homepage. 

Read the quick start guide for publishing content with Sites at Northeastern >

More News, Designed for You

Screenshot of the enhanced News and Announcement page
The newly designed News and Announcements page

The previously existing News and Announcements page on the Hub has been updated to include new personalization features and a more user-friendly design.

An enhanced News and Announcements page allows students to view top news stories and personalize their news feed by selecting topics of interest. The page now includes a mix of three stories prioritized by the students’ chosen topics of interest and from general trending stories. Click on the image tile to view the full story on 

The My Topics section in the middle of the page can personalize students’ news feed based on topics of interest. Customize the news feed by selecting up to ten topics of interest, such as health, athletics, and blogs. A Top Stories section shows the trending stories, which direct to the full story on

Explore More with Clubs and Organizations 

The Student Hub now provides students with recommendations for student clubs and organizations that may be of interest to them, and provides even more details about each club or organization’s activities. 

Screenshot of the Student Hub Discover Page and the Clubs and Organizations tab.
Recommended clubs and organizations on the Discover page.

On the Discover page, the enhanced clubs and organizations functionality provides a list of recommended student clubs and organizations based on the top groups followed within a students’ network. Start following classmates to get started with recommendations. 

Click on a recommendation to open a modal with more information about that group, including a description and officers. 

With the November 4 update, students can now see events that are connected to each club and organization, view details about the event, and link out to the event registration page. Options to add events to Outlook calendars and to RSVP for events through the event’s Engage page are also available. 

Tag, You’re It!

Using profile tags to search, students can now find and connect with other Northeastern students based on similar interests or academic journeys. 

On the Discover page, searches for people will now provide results using tags, in addition to names and locations. Tags are key words that may be added to personal Hub profiles.

For example, search for “sci-fi” and find people who’ve listed “sci-fi” as a tag under their profile. Choose to reach out to students and connect with them using the Teams or Outlook icons to the right of their name and listed information.  

See more information creating and managing a Student Hub profile >