Upcoming Events, Best Study Spaces, and Personalized News Comes to the Hub

Students can now reserve study spaces based on recent and recommended spaces or on an interactive campus map, discover upcoming and recommended events, and further personalize their Northeastern experiences directly on the Student Hub. These are just a few of the newest and recently enhanced features released to the Hub on December 9, 2021. Feedback from over 300 students helped fuel the inspiration for this release and other updates to the Hub.

Discover the Best Study Spaces 

Students can find a place to work by using Spaces at Northeastern powered by Robin. To begin, navigate to the Spaces tab on the Student Hub home page where both recent and recommended study spaces are listed.  

Quickly view recent and recommended Spaces on the Main page
View and book available Spaces on the interactive Campus Map.

From here, it’s also easy to find additional spaces and desks by clicking on either the Campus Map or Find More Spaces link. Find Mores Spaces opens up a new page that shows existing reservations, and searchable lists of spaces and desks. 

Filtering options include network location, buildings, floors, amenities, room types, capacity, time, and duration needed. As each filter is selected, the spaces and desks automatically update. The interactive campus map allows students to get a visual view of available spaces nearby or at a particular network location. 

More Ways to View Personalized News and Events 

News and Announcements, now called News and Events, includes more ways for students to view personalized news and upcoming events.  

The News and Events page includes a Campus News section tailored to the student’s local campus, a College News section that gives personalized news for the student’s college and major, and an Upcoming Events section that shows events happening soon.

Events registered for on the Me page

Discover Events 

Speaking of events, click on over to the Discover page on the Hub to explore more upcoming events and receive tailored recommendations.  

Through Discover Events, students can view and sort through events by location, category, host organization, and date range to find events that may be of interest to them. The Hub also recommends events based on the clubs and organizations the student follows.  

The new events enhancements on the Hub enable students to discover upcoming and recommended events, view events for which they’ve registered, and search for additional events they may like to attend. 

More Ways to Share 

Using Sites at Northeastern, the university’s free and easy-to-use website and blog service for academic, personal, and research sites, students can now directly link website posts to their Student Hub profile. All new posts added to a student’s linked site will automatically appear in the My Posts section of the Me page. Students can link up to five sites that they own and view the previously linked sites under My Posts. 

Link a site from the My Posts section
Paste Site URL to sync

Quickly view linked Sites under My Posts