Site Improvements and Redesigned Resources Page

Northeastern continues to improve the Student Hub experience to ensure ease of use and student satisfaction. 

Resources Page

The Resources page—one of the most frequently visited Hub destinations—has undergone a significant renovation in line with student preferences and daily site use.

Student Hub redesigned Resources page

The design of the refreshed page, which launched Aug. 25, was workshopped and created by a team of 20 Student Hub experience interns who first submitted three proposed design concepts for student input. More than 230 Northeastern students provided feedback via a focus group survey at the close of the spring semester.

Thanks to all of the students who provided input, especially at such a busy time of the academic year! Their participation was vital to the design team’s efforts to create a page that meets student needs. To learn more about the project, visit the About page

Newly Admitted Students 

NUIDs for newly admitted students are now displayed on the Hub homepage. Their inclusion was made possible by some behind-the-scenes magic. Well, actually, the Hub’s data source for Northeastern IDs was changed (and just like that, the newest Huskies appeared). 

Enhanced Google Analytics 

In an ongoing effort to better understand students’ day-to-day use of the Hub, Google Analytics was enhanced sitewide. This data-driven approach, which informs the Hub team’s choices and decision-making in order to continuously improve the Hub experience, guides potential enhancements to the user interface and supports the team’s mission to be responsive to students’ needs. 

Platform Upgrades 

Lastly, on the backend, the Hub platform underwent a major upgrade, highlighted by the switch from Microsoft’s .NET3 to .NET6, to improve behind-the-scenes performance.  

New ways to personalize the Hub based on student preferences and user trends will continue to be explored to ensure that all students have easy, one-stop access to the information and assets they need most.  

Students can log into the Student Hub at