ServiceNow Widget Comes to the Hub!

Effective Oct. 7, students can review their service requests on the Student Hub homepage.

My Service Requests, a new widget located alongside the My Documents and My Email widgets, will display a student’s open tickets across multiple Northeastern portals, including the Tech Service Catalog, Student Financial Services, Office of Global Studies, and Human Resources. A tool tip beside the My Service Requests title explains the purpose of the new widget, which is already available on the Employee Hub

Student Hub ServiceNow widget

Developed in collaboration with the Student Digital Experience Team, the new widget represents a critical integration between the Hub and ServiceNow systems, eliminating the need to remember different URLs to submit and manage service tickets.

The widget will list each open service ticket, a brief description, and a hyperlink to view the actual ticket. Because the widget can list only five open tickets, a “View All” hyperlink will open a ServiceNow list of all tickets submitted by the student. If no tickets have been submitted by the student, the widget displays a hyperlink that points directly to Northeastern’s service portal.

To make room for the new widget, the Hub team opted to remove the To Do widget because site usage metrics revealed it to be the least-utilized widget, while the My Documents and My Email widgets continue to accrue solid traffic, indicating their value to students. The To Do and Planner functionalities have not been retired, however; these tools will still appear in the My Applications section of the homepage.

To begin using the new widget, log in to the Student Hub at

The Hub continues to evolve to ensure that students have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students are encouraged to use the feedback form on the Hub to share ideas and thoughts. Stay tuned to for additional ways to participate in actively shaping and improving the student experience on the Hub.