Hub Update Helps Students Prepare for Upcoming Semester

To help students better prepare, the Classes tab on the Student Hub now displays course registrations and class details for the upcoming academic term. Prior to this update, although students could view their current classes, they were unable to view their new class schedules until the term had begun.

Student Hub screenshot displaying Classes tab

This update is particularly important as students transition between semesters, for it ensures they have easy access to their course schedules, including class times, locations, and more for the upcoming term.

The Classes tab accounts for 36% of all Hub traffic to the Me Bar.  

To use the enhanced tab, log in to the Student Hub at

Improvements to the Student Hub are ongoing to ensure that students have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students are encouraged to use the feedback form on the Hub to share ideas and thoughts to help the platform reach its full potential.