Improvements to Search Function and Notifications Menu on the Hub

Effective Nov. 3, both the Student Hub and the Employee Hub have introduced several enhancements that improve user experience and ease of use. 

Resources Page Search

Students and employees will notice a behavior change to the search function on the Resources page. Currently, when text is entered in the search bar, access to the resources categories (e.g., Academic Resources and Services, Financial Services, and so on) is not allowed unless the text is deleted. Now, when text is entered in the search bar, results will be returned, and access to the categories will be allowed.

Notifications Menu

The update also solved a behavior issue with the Notifications menu on the Student Hub. At present, once the Notifications menu has been expanded, it remains open, regardless of other activity on the Hub. Now, the menu will collapse upon clicking elsewhere on the page. 

Site Footer

The footer on the Student Hub has been updated with easy access to the university’s social media accounts, among other links. This change will be introduced on the Employee Hub later this month.

To experience the upgrades, log in to the Student Hub at

Improvements to the Student Hub and the Employee Hub are ongoing to ensure that students and employees have one-stop access to the information and assets they need most. Students and employees are encouraged to use the feedback form on each Hub to share ideas and thoughts to help the platforms reach their full potential.